Saturday, January 22, 2011

We Own Squat
I was searching for some photos on the Bing site and, for the heck of it, enter a search for "Silbs". Much to my surprise, up came my profile picture and many of the images (as the one above) I have posted on this blog. It seems that everything is in the public domain these days. So, if you partied too much yesterday and someone caught a photo of you, beg them not to post it.

Paddle safe...


Tony said...

Beware of cell phones in the locker room!

Tony :-)

JohnB said...

No, you "own" squat, it's just that everyone can see you squat.

derrick said...

UM.. buh!? JB makes the right point. I giggle everytime I hear a photographer get all bent out of shape because their photos are all over the web. If you post them, they'll be everywhere. Certainly you can control resolutions and do a few other things to limit their print use, but get used to it, if you post it it's everywhere. Now to break your heart

Silbs said...

Actually, I'm not all bent out of shape (just out of shape). I was just impressed by the availability of everything on line.
Now, I have to wonder what Tony does with his cell phone:-)
I hope JB meant everyone can see YOUR squat.