Monday, January 31, 2011

Sometimes the Teacher
Sometimes the Student
We here in Milwaukee are lucky. Several of us are Level 4 Certified ACA instructors, and all the others are teachers at large. Everyone knows something and everyone has something to learn. Not surprisingly, our pool sessions often turn into an open classroom with everyone teaching everyone.

I got to be student while Rick helped me with my pathetic static brace.

Sherri worked with Ken on his sculling.                                          And the teaching continued over coffee. I think we have a wonderful paddling community here.                Paddle Safe...                                 DS


Ken said...

Thanks to both you and Sherri for the tips!

Ken said...

Wait. There was coffee?

Silbs said...

There is always coffee. Thought you knew. I wondered why you left early and didn't come for coffee where all the good stuff happens :)