Sunday, January 16, 2011

Record Broken
The Big Kayak Story
While some famous individuals spent 2011 paddling around large land masses and others plunged down enormous waterfalls, the biggest kayak story of the year was unfolding right here in the Milwaukee area. Frankly, we were unaware of what had transpired until just this morning when our ice-bound group met from coffee and Gary Simon let it all slip out.
An excellent paddler who is heavily into racing, Gary is one of our most experienced kayakers. A skilled paddler, he is most often seen in his latest racing craft. In any event, it was at coffee this morning that he announced that, unlike the previous 11 contiguous years, he did not buy one kayak in 2011! It's True.

"It's not that I didn't try," said the humble Simon. In fact he had looked at at least three possible boats for purchase but, in the end, bought none...the entire year.

Hats off and congratulations to our own record-breaking paddler, Gary Simon.

Paddle safe...


gnarlydog said...

Silbs, do you mean 2010 instead of 2011? 2011 is only been going for 16 days and the record could be actually broken :-)
No need to publish this, you might just want to correct your typo

Anonymous said...

He still has 349 days left to make that decision!