Saturday, February 02, 2008

Among the things I Miss
What I like about kayaking, especially tradional style, is the feel. Once I learn a roll and have that muscle memory, I revel in going through the technique slowly while enjoying the feel of control. Of course, when it goes to hell in a hand basket the pleasure is not quite so intense.,
When I had two good legs and ran marathons I reveled in the runner's high that would come on after 3-4 miles. It was a sensation of effortless gliding over the ground. Irreplacable.
But nothing has ever replaced the total body feeling of the movement, the balance and control of playing Judo. I still dwell on fond memories of moments in tournament competition when a much larger man would attack with the certainty of an irresistable force. I remember the utter calmness I would experience at such a moment as I let my opponent enter his own trap and the instant when, in my yielding, I melded my form and motion with his. Much stronger than me, he was no match for all his strength plus mine. It was in slow motion that I would execute an Uchi Mata or a Harai Goshi. Together, we would fly, and roll and return to earth, me on top.
Oh yeah, I remember as I sit here stiff and achy from yesteday's workout. I remember as I wonder how much longer this aging body will put up with my nonsense. I remember as I check the weather report and know that I will be going out there again, and soon. And, I know, I will experience the joy of the motion of the water, the control of a brace or a scull or a roll. Still got something left. Game on.
Paddle safe...


Ron said...

Always stay in the game ... never quit.

DaveO said...

Yup, use it or lose it. I have friends in their forties who claim they are 'too old' to downhill ski. Sad.