Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Weather Man,
if nothing else,
Is Predictable
(This is where there is
usually a picture.
Neither the pic upload nor
spell check works on blogspot
this lovely morning)

So horendous was the threat, so big was the storm to come that Midwest Airlines (based here in Milwaukee) suspended their rules to allow others, like myself, scheduled to return on Sunday to re-book on earlier flights. The airports, as we all knew from the weather "forecast", would be buried under 13 inches of snow.

The weather guy, always predictable, got it usual. Right now, it is above freezing and water is dripping off the icicles on the eaves. Yes, it may snow later today. We may even get some freezing rain. Anyway, better safe than sorry. Better home and snug.

Paddle safe...


Michael said...

Welcome back to Paradise, the wintery version, that is! We've been 'enjoying' a strange winter as well with a week on, then a week off, really cold, then warm and rainy. I'm debating whether to move back to the arctic or to the tropics. This living in the middle is crazy.

DaveO said...

You've gotta love Midwest. I'm sure that not only would Northwest not give you the option but would likely charge you $50 for the honor of changing flights. Boy, I despise living in a Northwest hub city.