Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Where Are They?
I have a soft, maybe weak, spot that won't let me watch a movie or documentary in which children and/or animals suffer. As for the first, I guess I subscribe to the poem that tells us that the world belongs to the children and that the children belong to us all. I believe most of us would do anything necessary to protect a child at risk.

The other day, while walking Ansel, I gazed down the frozen river and remembered the night we saw cayotes playing out there on the ice. The other day I saw one of the local squirrels scurrying across the phone lines. Both of these events came to mind as I wondered where all the animals were and how they were managing to survive this unusually harsh winter.

Ok, I know about Darwin and the thinning of the herd and all that. And I do have some knowledge of what these animals actually do to get through this tough season. This concern I have, however, is more an emotional than an intellectual one. Regardless of the tools Mother Nature has given them, many of these animals are suffering out there. I know, too, that I am not expected to do anything about it and that there is, in fact, little I could do.

So, it is for more than selfish reasons that I look forward to warmer days. In addition to access to the waters around here, spring brings with it the cheerful sounds of song birds, many unseen. It brings the flocks of sassy crows that often greet me in the morning. The local fox and cayotes emerge from heaven knows where, and the mammals that live along the shores of the river get busy getting ready for another season.

Then there is the sense of rebirth as Mother Earth sprouts trees, flowers, bushes and food. It is then that I, too, begin to feel alive and a bit younger. I do so look forward to spring but, mean while, I wonder where they all are.

Paddle safe...


Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

I'm glad that there are people in the world that wonder about the "nature" of things.

The common thread between people that amaze me with their in-sight.

DaveO said...

I must admit, spring will be welcome. The woods can be pretty quiet other than the squirrels, deer, and chickadees. Nice shot of the pond.