Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A closer Look

When in a new place, and bored, I look to my camera to get my mind into the place. I remember a famous photographer telling me that the secret to getting fabulous scenery or landscape images is to visit a place over and over. This is my first time here.

Another expert's advise was to always get closer. That works for me. Another thing that works for me is to look at the plants that are distinctive to the area or, at least, not found up in Siberia where I live. The aloe plant (I think) is an example. Of course, the dull flat light did not make for a flattering image. So, I cropped and worked on the sensuous shapes and shades and came up with a satisfying image.

Now, I feel a little more alive and into this place. So...I'm going out to play.

Paddle safe...



JohnB said...

Not even on the ground 24 hours and you're bored already--see you do miss the cold snowy "Siberia" Milwaukee. Should have taken some neoprene with you, at least the smell would have reminded you of things to come (and have been).

Keep those postings coming!

teletwang said...

your crop is perfect - love the image!