Sunday, February 10, 2008

Mental Health Day
(at my house)

Enough dwelling on the cold weather and frozen water. I recently talked about photo albums and photos in boxes, and it is time to pull some out to remind me of the terrific days I had on the water in 2007 and the possibilities for the upcoming season (yes, I am in reruns...but I digress)

It is time to think of paddling in (dare I say?) Farmer Johns and (be still my heart) shorts. It is time to think about Canoecopia, just around the corner. It is time to think about symposiums and camping and trips, oh my. It is time to ignore the torture of those south of here who keep thumbing their warm noses at us (I am not naming names, but we do have an open border with New Zealand :)).It's time, too, to think of teaching and the joy of seeing new paddlers being born onto the water. And, it's time to be grateful for the youngest and eldest in my family and they joy they bring me.

Paddle safe...


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