Thursday, February 21, 2008

Behind Bars
Some say that prison, or the fear of it, is not a deterrent. I think differently. Just having spent the winter (up to now) "behind" bars, I already feel deprived of my freedom, my ability to go out as I please and do what I want to do. My access to the lake is no longer under my control or available when the whim strikes me. I am, in a small way, a prisoner of winter.

Yes, I know it will pass. Yes, I know I could squeak out some time and head south if I were only motivated enough. Still, it makes me wonder how I could possibly handle it all if it were for years and I was really unable to go outside. The mere thought of it makes me shudder.

Deep breath. Pool session at the end of the week. Weekend after that, Canoecopia and seeing lots of paddlers and bloggers. Weekend after that and after that I have plans and things to do, and they are all outside the walls of my home. Then it will get warm, and the symposiums will begin along with classes. Thinking of all that makes me feel better. It instills a bit of optimism into my soul. It's almost like the governor called and pardoned me.

Paddle safe...


derrick said...

oh man, I know what you mean!

JohnB said...

Poor Derrick, over there in Baraboo where it is even colder and they got another foot or so of snow last weekend. Too bad he can't join us at the Caribou for coffee, or some place for a whisky, or Bella's for some baked oatmeal, or Sven's for soup, or the WAC for a good workout.

For me . . . at least I get to leave the house every morning for work, Monday - Friday it's a cubical with prision gray panels. I see a ribbon of day light reflecting off the ceiling tiles from the windows three cubes away. Every once in awhile I go check the mail bin, not that I'm expecting anything--it's by the windows.

Venturing out at noon to travel down to the local Caribou is like time out in the "yard".

Ah yes, two nights a week and one day each weekend I get out to care for the less fortunate--the sick and injured--"work-release"?

Two weeks and one day, the official start of spring for paddlers--Canoecopia!

Silbs said...

Knock it off, JB. Derrick and I are trying to be miserable.

JohnB said...

Life's too short to be miserable 10 months out of the year!

Capt'n "O" Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

sounds like a jail break to destiations undiscovered... you're retired, get up get out and get on some sunny sourthern water!!! :-)

Michael said...

JB - you might be interested to learn that 'Caribou' here in Qu├ębec, Canada refers to a drink made mostly of pure alcohol and usually served in the winter! If nothing else it can put a real 'spring' in your step! LOL

Silbs - I'm with you and Derrick. Trying to be as miserable as possible and enjoying every dreaming minute!

Silbs said...

el. Derrick, let's head up there and get some of that medicinal drink. Want to come, JB? You have to promise to be miserable!

eurion said...

You sound like a bunch of old men . . . (lol).

Stop it! Spring is in the air :)

Cracking photo.

Douglas Wilcox said...

Greetings from the Gulf Stream!

What is this thing called snow, of which you so often speak?

On a medical note, are you gentlemen developing cabin pyrexia? Is it cureable?

I wish you all a speedy spring.


Silbs said...

Fear not, Douglas, a slight warm up is on the way. It may actually get above freezing this weekend. As to your question about snow... just hop on a plane and come on over, we have plenty. Take some home with you :)

RoyM said...

I thought that you "southerners" had Lake Columbia :)

Best Wishes

Silbs said...

That Lake columbia is closer to Derrick. It's not around here. But the local health club has a steam room!

DaveO said...

And I'm just sitting here in Minneapolis, wondering when I can trade the XC skis for the kayak. And wondering what wanted but not needed gear will find its way into my car for the trip back from Canoecopia.

Peggy said...


Thanks for the comment on my Photo Miscellanea blog! I actually do have some black-and-white scenic photos in the second post on the front page of my Paddle Tales blog.

Your photos are excellent! Think spring!