Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Face It


The title brings two subjects to mind. One, of course, is face book, a phenomena that amazes and bemuses me. I have a page, all sorts of friends (some of whom I actually know), a family tree with more members than the population of Canada, and I belong to various groups including a kayak group that posts in French. Lots to look at.

The other thing we are facing here is the reality of the cold. It is headed down to single digit temps (F) today and expected to reach chill factors of -40F this week. The shore ice is awful, and I suspect the lake itself may freeze over (it is 85 miles wide). The pool, it seems, will be the only kayaking we will get to do around here for a while.

But, face it, the pool is a poor substitute for sea kayaking. One cannot practice strokes unless they arrange some bungee system for resistance. that leaves rolling, braces, wet exits and rescues which, I can tell you, can get boring after a few hours (and weekends). Besides, the conditions are good for learning but not realistic for practicing. More over, it is starting to take a toll on my shoulder.

(me in my Peter Strand SOF)

I start teaching Thursday then head for a weekend with my grandson and, I suppose, his parents. Perhaps it will be in the 70's when I return. Then, again, maybe, pigs will fly.

Paddle safe...


Capt'n O Dark 30 & Super Boo said...

Oink Oink!! flies the piggy...

Boo says hi and thanks for the warm regards!!

JohnB said...

Are they (the pigs) wearing lipstick ?