Tuesday, January 20, 2009

But Not Renewed
I absolutely loved being with my grandson, daughter and son in law this past weekend. I returned late yesterday and stayed up preparing for the classes I will be teaching in a few short hours. It remains cold (and was cold in Ohio). I am not well rested, yet, and need a physical workout in the gym.

I ate poorly and, oddly enough, lost a pound. All this in spite of the fact we did very little that could be called physical activity.

The back band on my Romany finally gave up the cause and tore at the bolt that holds one end. Doug has offered the warmth of his basement as a repair shop. Now to find a time.

It saddens me that the weather and my schedule have kept me from producing fresh images to share with you. I have been cheating and going back into my files to "decorate" this page. I hope to change that soon. For now, one foot in front of the other.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

Welcome back!

The days are now getting noticably longer, Canoecopia is just 52 days away, there was only one below zero temperature on the forecast this morning, the sun is shinning brightly, your archive of photos are wonderful, and we're still above the topsoil.

The bad news is that the local distributor of the Welsh Whisky (Penderyn Single Malt) that I've been looking for hasn't had any for a few months and doesn't know when he will have it in--thus the local liquor stores are out and can't get any. I'm hoping to locate a bottle by Canoecopia!

steve said...

welcome back, missed you, now stop complaining and put a smile back on your face

Silbs said...

Well, JB, if we have to cancel Canoecopia, so be it. And Steve, this me...tired but smilings

JohnB said...

No need to cancel Canoecopia, the Welsh may not be represented, but the Irish and Scotts will be!