Wednesday, January 07, 2009

'Tis Still the Season
At this time of short days and new year's resolutions, emotions often run to sadness, even despair. With all the changes in brain chemistry brought on by the environment and all that time to sit around (not in a kayak), many folks are taking time to look deep within. One such person is Suzette, and she posted a courageous blog recently. (I read her blog because of her interest in photography. She is not a paddler). In it, she takes a hard look at herself, who she has been and whom she wishes to become. I wonder how many paddlers, kept more or less home bound by the winter, go through the same process.

Each year I find it harder and harder to go out on cold days, yet I don't want to join the ranks of those seasonal paddlers who are off the water almost half of the year. Instead, I wait for temps to rise near the freezing mark, attend pool sessions and keep busy with my teaching duties. I also meet frequently with friends just to have coffee and human contact (JB, you've been gone too long). Like most of you, I look forward to things like the symposiums, Canoecopia and other events where there are lots of kayaks and lots of folks with wonderful and positive energy. Not a bad prescription from an old doc, huh?

Paddle safe...



Stan Mac Kenzie said...

I Like medicine for the soul! Great post.


JohnB said...

Well, I'll be back in town late Friday or early Saturday depending on weather. Having a good Wilderness First Responder class here at the UW-LaCrosse.