Friday, January 09, 2009

The Sun Is Yet To Rise
I'm a morning person. Whether at home, on the road or camping, I am generally up before the sun (which is easy to do this time of the year). It is quiet where ever I happen to be, and it feels as if I own the morning. It is also a time when I am able to be most productive.
One of my favorite times is when a group of us goes camping/paddling. Up early, I am serenaded by the birds and looked at with curiosity by the plethora of small mammals that inhabit the forest as I stroll through their territory. This is the time one of my photography mentors called liquid light. With no directional quality, the light seems to pour over everything and light it evenly (sorry, those pics just now are in the form of 11 x 14 B&W prints mounted on museum board...hard to scan).

More than that, it is a peaceful time for the soul, almost like a hiatus in life during which there are no responsibilities or expectations. A time for the soul just to be.

What a gift.

Paddle safe...



DaveO said...

The more 'mature' I become, the more my system insists that I rise and enjoy the morning. And I'm kinda liking it.

Silbs said...

I cn tell by the picture of you :)