Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Over There
That's the title of a song popular during WW II. It mostly referred to England. During my training years I managed a trip to Europe and drove through a good deal of it (smaller than I had thought). In England, the fellow at the pub introduced me to the locals as some lad from "across the pond." Anyway, I just got issue 13 of Ocean Paddler...from over there...and was interested in some of the ads.

Over here, when we thing about over there, we think about NDK and Rockpool and the like. Reading OC has made me aware of other companies such as Tahe Marine ( and the Italian company QAJAQ (, a bit of a pretentious name, if I do say.

Tahe has had some photo play in magazines mostly featuring a synthetic version of an Inuit kayak. It apparently has a skeg and bulkheads with two storage areas. I went to the site and found it a bit frustrating as there were no really good pics of this boat and, like the QAJAQ site, everything was in metric. I know, I know; but after all those years in medicine and a good math background, I still cannot think in metric. The one decent pic on the Tahe site shows a boat with a rudder. Go figure.

With the growing interest in Greenland style rolling and skin on frame boats, I believe there may be a big market out there for a glass version of the real deal. For now, however, my garage is full and my buy-a-kayak-fund is empty, and I shall stick with what I have...and keep reading those ads.

Paddle safe...



steve said...

Ehud, the owner of our optimist kayak club has just ordered a few of the Tahe marine kayaks, I will let you know how they are when the arrive. There must be a telepathic link here

Anonymous said...

wow. i am buying our first canoe on jan 31. next is a kayak. will let you know how that goes. i am sure i will be asking TONS and LOADS of questions.

Silbs said...

Steve, maybe you could post some good pictures of the boat so we can really see what she's all about.

Suzette, welcome to your new addiction. You will find an enormous support group around the world ready to help you.