Monday, January 26, 2009

Sunday: Part I
(You seeing this, Steve?)
Jennifer and Greg graciously invited the group to their home for a wonderful breakfast (I won't list the menu so you won't have to envy us). Part of the happening was spent sitting around talking about all the other paddlers in our group who weren't there (that's why I never miss a get together). Soon, however, (this is for you, Steve), we were headed down into Santa's (Greg's) workshop where he has crafted several lovely boats. Well, what met our eyes was impressive. Unfortunately, my little optio couldn't do justice to what we saw.
( rt. Jennifer, Doug hiding, Sherri, Leslie)
There was the deck of what will be Jennifer's new strip kayak. It is still dry, so it is difficult to appreciate the mixed woods. But the lines are nothing short of sensational.

The low rear deck is to die for.
We spent quite a bit of time gazing at this work in progress, and I suspect we were all wondering how to get one.
(Vickey and Doug admiring the work)
Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

While you all were enjoying yourselves talking about me--among others, admiring Greg's work, and eating, I was out saving lives. One patient in respiratory failure with a pulse of 140+, hypotensive, and responsive to pain (not normal status); and then a bit later a patient (in their 80's) with a pulse of 34; and then an infant (less than a year) with post abdominal surgery complications. All-in-all, a quiet 16 hour shift, with a few "good" calls! A rewarding way to spend a Sunday.

Silbs said...

You do good work, JB.Sounds like interesting blog material!!

steve said...

Thanks for the inspirational bog and photos. Was wondering how the boat was getting on. It looks fantastic, just hope that I can make one half as good I would love to see more pictures. Maybe you can get Greg to post some more of the working stages. I am just starting out to make the same kayak.

steve said...

If I remember correctly, that kayak is a Petrel, or am I mistaken?

DaveO said...

RonO and I had the best of intentions when the lakes froze to knock out a couple Yost boats. Needless to say we were sucked into the cross country ski vortex and it has not been mentioned since Christmas. And I need a SOF!

Silbs said...

Steve, I forwarded your comment to Greg.

DaveO, make the Yost boat. They're great/