Thursday, May 28, 2009

We have a great and eclectic bunch that paddles here in the Milwaukee area on Sunday mornings. Lake Michigan has its many moods and, depending on how she is acting, different folks enjoy different challenges. So, on some of the rougher days some folks don't paddle. It is after the paddle when we all get together.

We often stop at Sven's coffee cafe located a few minutes inland of our launch site. The coffee and food is very good and the camaraderie is superb. Here stories about the paddle, past paddles and future paddles are discussed. Equipment is critiqued, and wish lists are enumerated.

It is here that we keep each other apprised of how our families are doing and how one of our ailing paddlers is coming along. In the end, it is a community of fine folks of varying backgrounds and beliefs each of whom thinks he/she is the best paddler in the group (and they are all wrong).

We miss you, Doug.

Paddle safe...


steve said...

I agree with you that one of the benefits of a paddle club is the cameradie and friendships that are generated.We love those after paddle get togethers. Happy shavout

Silbs said...

Thanks. Happy holiday to you.