Friday, May 29, 2009

It's All Clear Now

I'm headed out to paddle in a few hours, and everything looks clear. Oh, there's a chance of rain, and clouds hover above; but they are clear as well.

A few years ago I had cataract surgery during which artificial lenses were substituted for the cloudy ones. A few years later, and again a few months ago, one eye got fuzzy. What happens is that epithelial (lining) cells begin to grow on the back of the implant and diffuse the light. The treatment?

A drop to numb the eye, a drop to dilate the eye and a lens to focus a yag laser beam. 3-4 zaps, a few hours for the meds to wear off and Shazam. Beautiful, crisp vision restored. What a world.

Paddle safe...


Kristen said...

After finally taking the plunge and having Lasik a few years back, it's nothing short of a miracle, Silbs!

Silbs said...

This was different from Lazik to correct vision. This was to take away cells growing on the back of a lens implanted after cataract surgery. It is miraculous.