Friday, May 22, 2009

There is a rocking song called, We Are Family. It has a great beat and was running through my mind as I walked Sir Ansel this morning. It was, I presume, due to the fact that my grandchildren are coming today (along with their mothers). More over, this is Memorial Day weekend in the states, a time when we honor those who gave their lives so the rest of us might enjoy freedom and a wonderful way of life. I realized, as I walked along, that I am truly blessed, in no small part, because I have family. In fact, I have a bunch of families.

It goes without saying that Lady Linda, those two girls she birthed, the guys they married and the kids they produced, along with brothers, sisters and their spouses and off springs make up my core, biological family. These are the folks for whom I would go through fire and whom, I suspect, would come to me in a time of need.

I am also a member of the veterans' family having been on combat duty in Nam. I have a kayak family, folks I look forward to being with and to whom I trust my safety. I know we would go to one another's aid when ever needed.

I imagine I could define many other families to which I belong, and my life is enriched by each of them. Then I think how easy it is to take family for granted until one of them is lost. So, now, while we have them, perhaps we can honor our own families along with the veterans (who we no longer have in our midst). Perhaps there's someone you need to hug, give a smile or just tell, "I'm glad you're in my life."

Paddle safe...



cf said...

Dick--This is Clarice (Wagan) Feldman. How great to learn so much about you after all these years. I'm reading the class website with that wonderful music on, feeling so sad about those of our class who has passed on.

I hope to see you in August.
(Years ago in a romantic adventuring mood I bought a Klepper kayak but cannot get my family to go out in it and it's sitting downstairs, but I dream of helicoptering into distant places and just paddling off to adventure.

Silbs said...

How delightful to hear from you. Yes, I will be at the Fri. and Sat. function. Keep the Klepper, it is a classic.