Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yellow Is (supposed to be) Heavier
I started to repaint an old chair for my grandson. My intention was to make some of the structure red and some yellow. Well, the red went on and covered nicely (enamel paints), but the yellow didn't cover the old wood even after two coats. Apparently it takes more yellow to get the job done. More paint, more weight. Besides, everyone knows that yellow gel coat is heavier than other colors.
This being true, then why does JB's blue Romany (with two suitcases, 3 Irish Whiskey bottles, 42 aerial flares, a 5-day water supply, a tent and a sleeping bag) weigh more than my yellow Romany (with a water bottle and first aid kit)? See, physics is not an exact science and clearly does not explain everything (except the hernia I got helping JB load his boat onto his car).

(Doug, we miss you)

Paddle safe...

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