Thursday, May 14, 2009

It's Getting There
Warm air, I can feel it in the morning when I go out to get the morning paper. The sun feels hotter during mid day. The water is still cold, but it's getting there. Soon, it will be time for the skin on frames to come out, along with the tuiliks and Greenland sticks.

I don't care much for rolling in freezing water. When I do, I wear a scuba mask that pretty much covers everything the tuilik doesn't. Still, I prefer the warm waters of summer.I missed it last summer, but this fall I plan to attend QAJAQ camp in northern Michigan. I'm already looking forward to seeing old friends and hanging with a bunch of folks who are as silly as I am over rolling traditional boats. There is, of course, some summer to come and go in between now and then, and I am looking forward to all those activities as well.

This weekend, a group of us will be helping Sherri do her (last?) Paddle Fest on the river. Tomorrow, weather allowing, I am teaching an intro class; and, then, there's all the symposiums in June and July. Right now, it can still be cool during the day, and the water remains cold. But, it's getting there.

Paddle safe...


Alex said...

It will be great seeing you at Training Camp this year since that was how I first met you!

Silbs said...

I remember. Is your bride coming along?

Alex said...

No, she'll be cat-sitting. :) Actually we fly back to Minneapolis from our honeymoon the thursday prior to TC and that friday morning I'm hoping to catch a flight over to Traverse City.