Monday, May 11, 2009

The Candy Store
When I was a radio ham operator, we called the big store in town that sold radio equipment the candy store. On our car radios we would often hear someone announcing that he was headed over to the candy store. This meant, of course, that he had some spare cash and was going to drool over all the new and fancy equipment on display...whether or not he needed anything.

Part of being into something, a sport or a hobby, is always looking through the magazines and seeing what brand new cannot-live-without-item has just hit the market. There is something Zen about reading on each item and imagining yourself owning and using it on your next paddle...whether you need it or not. Another part of any hobby is to visit its version of the candy store.
These shots happen to be of Rutabaga in Madison, Wisconsin; and they demonstrate the basic principal. There are boats there. New boats, red boats used boats, yellow boats, sixteen footers and eighteen footers...and it would be swell to have them all. Just roaming the isles and seeing that new little gadget for boiling water in camp. Oh man, that would fit right into the forward hatch. Got to have it. And so it goes.

For me,the best part of hanging out in the candy store is talking with other people who share my interest in paddling. It is also a mini university where I can ask folks with various experience how they feel about that paddle versus this paddle...and so on. I hope you have a candy store near where you live. It is a great place to know and be known. And it is all low calorie.

Paddle safe...


Anonymous said...

it does look like a candy store with all of the color!

hopefully, i am back. after a major malfunction (due to my frugalness) i think things are good again.

i do love your blog.

Silbs said...

Thanks, good to hear from you.