Monday, May 04, 2009

Back In The Saddle Again
This past weekend was, for me, the beginning of the kayak season. I was in Madison to teach a two day kayak progression course, and I couldn't have enjoyed it more. It essentially ended up being a class of 4, two married couples, and they were all there to learn. The weather was mild although the water was still cold. Fortunately, Rutabaga had farmer Johns available for them to wear ( was snug in a dry suit as I spent more time in the water than any of them).Being on the water and teaching students who want to learn is just about as good as it gets. We covered all the basics of an intro course, including rescues. In addition, we got into towing, some basic stroke combinations, bracing for support and the basics of the bow rescue.

After saying our good byes, I got to do a test paddle. I tried out a new boat (for me) and several paddles, and was surprised at what I'd learned. More on that tomorrow.

Paddle safe...


Anonymous said...

Hey Dick,

Howard and Jess here (2 of your students from this last weekend)...We just wanted to pop on your site and tell you how much we enjoyed our class with you! We are taking the knowledge/skills you have given us and heading out on the water next weekend...can't wait!

Silbs said...

Thanks so much for the kind words. I appreciate you taking time to comment. I hope you like the pictures.