Monday, June 29, 2009

A Few
OdDs & Ends

First the odd: It's Derrick's birthday today. I don't know exactly how old he is, but he certainly has already packed a lot into the years he's lived. A well known blogger and somewhat competent paddler (joking, love this guy), he brings to kayaking a free style creative nature that is apparent in his writing, his conversations and his methods of teaching. I don't know, but he may be color blind or, on the other hand, he is a minimalist who always wears black....and only black. So, if you see him today, be nice to him. What the hell, it's only for a day.
A Shout Out

To the two boiler makers (I know that's a beer with a whiskey shot, but these two went to Purdue) who were kind enough to say hello at the Inland Symposium and compliment these pages. I appreciate it. I enjoyed talking to you two bright, Midwest-educated paddlers with taste.

Now, because Lady Linda is with daughter #1 and her daughter, Squeaky, I must walk His Majesty, Ansel. All those years of schooling and training, and it comes to this. Well, chop wood and carry water. The poop won't pick itself up.

Paddle safe...


JohnB said...

It's nice to see that you count both daughters as #1, after all only Avis likes to be called #2 all the time.

Silbs said...
s daughter #2 by chronology. Geez.

derrick said...

greetings and thanks.. at least you always have that nasty picture to share. :)

Buncher said...

Daddy, Daddy, Daddy...Let's review.

Squeaky belongs to daughter #2
Joe-Joe belongs to daughter #1

We will all be in town in a few days, so you best get it right.

Speaking of coming to town, Joe-Joe wants to know where his kayak is.

Buncher (a.k.a. daughter #1 and mother of Joe-Joe)

Silbs said...

Yes,'s all coming back to me now.