Thursday, June 25, 2009

Herding Cats
It's supposed to be hard to do (the cat thing), but not as hard as getting a group of kayakers to paddle in a tight knit group. Someone is always daydreaming or straying. So, who in their right mind would try to make sense of the chaos seen above much less try to turn them into a precision drill team? Well, Gail and her fine staff would.Unlikely as it appears, this gaggle of paddlers is about to make like a marching band and actually spell something out on the water. But, it didn't just happen. Prior to them taking to the water a bunch of folks were out in the bay laying out lines along which the boats could align. The boats were then organized into groups, and Gail (the cheer leader in charge) bellowed out when each group was needed. Out they paddled in an impressive display of restraint, no one trying to pass anyone else (drugs were not involved, I swear). Soon, it was obvious, even from land level, that they were in lines, but for what reason wasn't clear.
Then, just as planned, a plane appeared overhead (it was one of ours) and made several passes over the group. During some of these fly overs the group demonstrated their enthusiasm by holding up paddles in a brave display of WE DID IT!And, for what? Well, the picture taken from the plane (supplied by gitcheegumeeguy) is to remind everyone of the limits of CO2 (in parts per million, I think) that we might aim at achieving for the planet.
Neat, don't you think (and to available in poster form soon)? And people think we paddlers can't spel.

Paddle safe...


bonnie said...

Shoot. Suddenly I don't feel quite as clever for coming up with this.

DaveO said...

Thanks for the photo credit but I actually heisted it from either the Ashland Daily Press or the ISS website, I can't remember which. In any event, its good that its out there. Maybe some day soon it will show up on the site.