Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Man, Himself
One of the attractions to head up to Washburn for the kayak symposium was to meet the one and only Nigel Dennis, the designer of NDK Kayaks, the British prototype of what a lot of companies are putting on the market today. Above, l. to r., is JB, Nigel, What's his name and Ken Ring outside a new store that will handle NDK boats (more on that another day).

As it turns out, Nigel is a soft spoken individual with a ready smile and a good sense of humor. Pretentious, he is not, and one would not even know he was in our midst at most gatherings except for when he was the speaker. He did give a few talks including one on an expedition and another on tides. His understanding of the paddling environment around the U.K. is extensive, and his in-depth talk was a tour de force.But nothing was more impressive (at least to me) than watching how smoothly and efficiently he paddled...yes, in an NDK boat. What's going on behinds Nigel? More on that later.

Paddle safe...

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