Thursday, January 21, 2010

Just Get Out There

Many, if not most, of the local sea kayakeers put their gear away when the temperature approaches freezing. Some don't have a dry suit or other appropriate clothing and don't want to make the dollar investment. Some have trepidation around the icy water and floating ice. Others simply don't like the cold. A few of these folks will show up at a pool session, but most of the pool goers are the same folks who paddle during the winter.

For us, it is all about the unquenchenchanable desire to just get out there. Once  proplery dressed and on the water, a little exertion supplies all the heat our bodies need.
Sherri checks out an ice flow overhang
More over, we get to see things the land lubbers don't even know exist.

 Rick emerges from behind a flow
This all leads to bonding and trust as someone calls out, "Where's Bob?" And, there he is coming out from behind an ice flow.

 Bob checks out a formation
We explore like little kids. Mature adults suddenly have to paddle under that overhang or into that cave-like formation.

 JB enjoying the outing in his Explorer
Finally, on a subconscious level, we are in the environment that birthed these boats some 7-9000 years ago. We are part of something bigger than ourselves...and we're out there.

Paddle safe...


avital said...


steve said...

maybe we will come over for a winter paddle, ha ha, looks like a lot of fun

Silbs said...

Come on over and join us.

Silbs said...

OK, that's two. Maybe you will charter a plane and bring others.

gnarlydog said...

and while I am drenched in sweat in my hot and humid locale here in Australia I can only ogle at your images. Fantastic environment to be paddling in even if a bit demanding (gotta be cautious with capsizes, I guess).
Tomorrow I will be paddling on a 4 day camping trip on a large sandy island ( thinking how different my world is to yours.
You take nice pix Silbs, really nice.

Silbs said...

I could stand a little hot and humid. Have a fun time on the trip.

Susan said...

Looks lovely, Silbs. Unfortunately, it's a fair drive from here to open water - so I'm waiting for a pool class ;-)

Silbs said...

We just happen to be having one this Sunday. Come on down.