Tuesday, January 12, 2010

 Memories of a Trip
On a Big Boat

Clearly, the Independence of the Sea did not have a shallow V-hull. Unlike a kayak, it had fine amenities:

It also had more than a deck compass for navigation:

I must say that the manufacturer did a fine job of finishing the inside of the hull:

Then, there were the little extras we like when we go paddling:

We launched in Florida and, in the company of other crafts (there was little group integrity), and we headed south:

More of this nonsense tomorrow or the next day.

Paddle safe...


DaveO said...

I recall paddling a number of years back in Johnstone Strait, in the Inside Passage between Vancouver Island and mainland BC. Evry so often a cruise ship, looking like a high rise apartment building laying on its side, would glide by. We were told that we were on TV so the passengers could watch us paddle if it was too cold for them to be out on the deck.

Silbs said...

They were not on a Caribbean cruise, I guess.