Monday, January 11, 2010

Trying to get it back in gear

The cruise is over, and we're back home. Floriday was experiencing record cold. All in all, we had 2-3 days of warm sun. We did very little touring but, rather, chose to take short walks and relax on the boat.

I have to prep to start teaching in two days. I have 3 classes, all doubles and all on Wednesday (8:15 am to 9:30 pm). So it will take a day or two to upload pics of the trip and the pool session we held yesterday. 2010 is upon us.

Paddle safe...


steve said...

welcome back, missed you.

Mike said...

Looks like your paddling "stomping grounds" are experiencing the same kind of artic blast we got going up here in NC! :-( Makes for some really COLD paddling! But here is something to lift your winter "blues," ... summer is only 5 months away... and the forecast is for warmer temperatures for this weekend! I can't wait! :-)

Silbs said...

Thanks Steve. Good to be home, I guess. Mike, I could be in the mental home in 5 months.