Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's A Wrap: 2009
After loading up yesterday, I drove to the South Shore site only to find it frozen over. So, back to the north shore and the McKinley Beach area. It was a gloomy day as I dragged the Cetus over the snow and inside the snow fences.
The pictures don't show it, but there was a surf to 4 feet running in on an onshore wind of about 15+ knots. I only had to share the site with a fellow with a metal detector and what must have been well insulated boots (note the flag).
The Cetus performed well, and the skeg worked just fine. I only came in when I did because the fine sleet in the air was peppering my eye balls when I went to windward. I did manage to do some mini surfing and practice some low braces. It wasn't a bad way to end the paddling year.
I hope you all can be with folks you love as we celebrate the new year/decade. I wish you good health.

Paddle safe...


avital said...

Happy New Year!

steve said...

hope you have a great year too, health wealth and kayaking

steve said...

hey Silbs, you seem to have gone missing for a while, no blogs, no comments, hope all is well with you and we hear from you soon.