Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Coping With Winter:
Plan for Summer
I recently received an e mail from Kelly blades (of P&H fame) reminding me that the Great Lakes Sea Kayak Symposium is coming up in about 7 months. Although that may seem a long way off, it was just what I needed to lift me from my winter blues. I have always found that planning something gives me that delicious feeling of anticipation that carries me through the cold times.

So, I am looking forward to Canoecopia (JB, you going to make the reservations?) in Madison. Everyone shows up there to talk paddling. I get to work a desk, sometimes do intros for talks and what ever the Boss tells me to do. Just being there lets me know that warm water will soon be here.

Weekend after the 4th of July is the Door County Sea Kayak Symposium (Hey, Nancy, get the site up), and the Grand Marais one the week after that. In between we get to do a few days of camping on the souther shore of Lake Superior. What's not to like.

That just leaves coping with January and February. So, Lady Linda and I will be on a 10 day cruise in warm waters, including a visit to Belize. I may not get to post (if I can, I will), so let me wish for you what I wish for my family: a happy and healthy new year.

Paddle safe...

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John said...

reservations made ;-) Scotch and Irish whiskey too!!! Need to resupply the Welsh whiskey yet.