Thursday, December 17, 2009

It has been a "business" kind of week, not my favorite kind. I gave final exams, I testified in Federal Court (against the USA) in a malpractice case and am now mired down in calculating final grades using a system clearly not of my design. So, this morning, I took time to diddle with an image I took the other day while walking Sir Ansel. It is the spot on the river I have photographed and posted many times before. On this day the light was very nice, so I clicked off an exposure.A pleasant, but not spectacular image was the result. I over-saturated the greens and yellow in PhotoShop and desaturated the entire image. Adjusting brightness and contrast resulted in this image:
It's okay, and not every image is a Rembrandt. Anyway, back to the college to straighten out the grades.

Paddle safe...


SandyBottom said...

As a photographer of some great photos, you might be interested in what a friend did, his blog is

Silbs said...

Thanks for that link up. I have book marked his page. It's nice to know that so many folks appreciate the still image.