Monday, December 07, 2009

Pool Rools
Okay, it's that time, and many of us are headed to the pool for sessions. For some, it will be their first in a kayak in an indoor pool. What, they ask, are the rules? Do the basics still apply? Is it like being on the big lake or the ocean, or do we need a whole new set of guidelines? Well, fear not. Once again, I am supplying that info for you with our annual review of pool rools.

1. Check with the other to see what marine channel you need to monitor. Many pools do not use Channel 16 any more.
2. Don't forget sunscreen. Many pools have fluorescent lights which emit UV rays.
3. Wash your boat. We don't want invasive species in our pools. (Report giant carp sightings to the life guard).
4. Helmets aren't a bad idea, especially if you plan to surf. The indoor "beach" can be quite hard.
5. You can bring a race boat, but don't plan on any endurance races.
6. While hypothermia is less likely indoors, many pool accidents are due to inattentiveness in such a confined space. So get out of your boat to ogle the gals in their bikinis at the other end of the pool.
7. If you use a skin on frame which you cannot easily wet exit, ask someone to keep an eye on you. How embarrassing would it be to survive force 5 conditions only to drown in a pool?
8. In pool kayaking one washes before the paddle and will be amazingly cleaner after.
9. Check the weather forecast ahead of launching.
10. Don't over pack your kit. You're going to have to carry all that stuff into the pool.

Paddle safe...

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bonnie said...

Marvelous. Thanks for the laugh!