Saturday, December 12, 2009

Have You Been Naughty or Nice?You know, there is a Santa. In fact, I know him on a first name basis, and here's a pic I took to prove it. Thing is, he isn't too happy with some of the behavior he is seeing out there. "They don't always wear their pfds," is a common complaint I hear from him. He is also saddened and upset that, "...they don't practice their rescues in conditions, and they don't ask me for the right equipment to be put in their stockings."

So, consider y0urself warned. Santa isn't going to give naughty boys and girls a new composite boat if they aren't behaving properly while out on the water. It's not that he is mean. It's just that he wants all his children to be do I. You've been warned. Now go write your letters to old Santa.

(BTW, my first gift will arrive on the18th when UPS has scheduled to return my dry suit from Kokatat)

Paddle safe...

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