Friday, December 04, 2009

54...So Far
Living in a metropolitan area where the winters can be harsh and the waters ice laden, I've still managed to get into a floating kayak 54 times so far this year. To be sure, that includes days at symposiums and pool sessions; still, being retired has allowed me lots of paddle opportunities.

I am too lazy to check my log to see what percentage of those paddles were solo events, but I suspect they are about half (I don't know other retired paddlers). When the spirit moves me and I am free, I paddle. Many of these solo outings are only an hour or so in duration. I usually don't go anywhere but, instead, practice strokes, braces and the like.

All this butt-in-the-boat-time has made me comfortable with my Romany. Now, however, I am in the Cetus and on a new learning curve. There are lots of differences between the two, some subtle and some not. Rolling takes a little more concentration and timing. My re entry roll results in me falling out as I am not "locked" into the cockpit the same as in the Romany. Finally, and most important, I need to practice controlling the Cetus and am waiting for the skeg fix to really get out there.

In any event, there are over 3 weeks left in the year which should allow me to get into the pool a few more times and, hopefully out onto the lake.

Paddle safe...


Michael said...

Here I was thinking I hadn't been out that many times this year, but like you I'm also in the 50's. That puts me right in the 'ball park' for a retired guy, assuming we're both somewhat typical. Great post! Put the smile back on my face.

Captn O Dark 30 and Super Boo said...

hey sibs, i might have missed a post, but why the change in yak styles? comfort for the ole bones; speed for the aging muscles; or are you like me a collector of watercraft?

Silbs said...

It began with looking for something longer. With the short waterline of the Romany, I am working hard to keep up with the group. The Romany is also showing its age.