Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This gets Racy

What better way to end 10 days of paddling and symposiums than with a race? That is, a race to watch.
Of course, this one (at Grand Marais) had to have a grand prix start with the racers dashing over miles of sand to get to their boats. Now it's getting racy.
Then there was the violation of the leave-no-trace concepts as the participants lept into kayaks and left skid marks in the water. There were staff members (who had to do two laps) paired with symposium participants who got to do the last lap and, if they won, take all the credit. It gets racier. Did I mentioned that young people armed with water cannons were along the shore to be sure it was a clean race?
 Any way, Freya and her team mate in a Greenlander took the checkered flag.
Naturally, she didn't pass up this photo op and joined him in victory. Not the end of racy.
That didn't work out so well.
Any way, the winners were awarded the coveted vest which they may wear for one year. Apparently they wear vests differently in Germany.
I promised racy, now I've made my point.

Paddle safe...

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