Thursday, July 01, 2010

What A Day
When Sherri invited Rick and myself to help out with a group paddle, we both eagerly joined in. At first, it appeared like any other group scene with equipment all over the place waiting to be used, However,
as the paddlers we were to take out assembled, it became obvious that these were special folks...with special needs. This was going to be a new experience and a lot of responsibility.
With care and patience, we helped folks with all sorts of disabilities match up with boats and partners and assigned towing duties in preparations for getting out on the water. The fact that there was a 5-10K wind did nothing to allay my anxieties about the safety of these folks.
Once on the water, however, everything went...well, swimmingly. Rick and I towed while Sherri commanded a 3 person boat (see pic last blog). There was conversation about the lake, the weeds, the bugs and the fact that the man I was towing was part Native American.
I am sure that from shore we looked like just a bunch of folks enjoying a nice day on the water.
And that's what we were.
How wonderful to be a part of it and to be of service.

Paddle safe...


lisa said...

Dick, What a wonderful day we had with you, Rick and Sherri. People continued to talk about their experiences days later. All of you were respectful of each individual and offered those who were somewhat nervous such confidence and support. We hope to have more opportunities to collaberate in the future....

Lisa Bucheger and Beth Gessert
ACAP staff and

Silbs said...

As I told Sherri when I read this: You made my day, and it was already going well. It was a privilege to be with you all.