Friday, July 30, 2010

Roll Out the Barrels
Cache Me If You Can
These barrels appeared on the beach at Grand Marais, and only a few of us knew what they were for. Before most of the participants arrived a cadre of Ninja towers went into action.
To some it might have appeared that we had developed a new method of aerobic paddling.
Not so. Soon we were busy "hiding" and tying up these barrels in various locations.
JB picked the spots and carefully noted their location on his GPS.
Yes, Michael, it was for a geo cache event that took place during the weekend. In each barrel was a small "prize" with directions in some to help find one of the barrels.
That last barrel was brilliantly hidden in a bar, 2 blocks in shore.

Paddle safe...

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Ben said...

My G3 PowerBook has 1MB of L2 cache, but my Celeron only has 256K. I must replace the latter.

I just really wanted to use the word 'cache' in a sentence. :)