Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Small Town
Not much in Grand Marais is big-city, and that is what makes it and its people such a joy. Every once in awhile the joint jumps as kayakers or snow mobilers or airplanes that land on water congregate for a special event. Even then, the symposium there maintained a relaxed atmosphere of fun and learning (as did the Door county event). There were times when minor chaotic scheduling problems were easily solved with a, "Would you mind taking over...of course I will."
Thanks to who ever took this shot for reminding me how to slow down and smell the neoprene.

Paddle safe...


Heather said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog :)
If you get a chance, look at mind and let me know what you think.
New to blogging! If u like what u read, refer me to your friends :p
-Thanks a bunch, cant wait to see what u post next

Silbs said...

Free plug...just this one time