Friday, July 23, 2010

Enjoying Their Successes
The joy of teaching (for me) is seeing the students improve and achieve their goals. This fellow, for instance, had never been out in such "big stuff." For him it was, at first, intimidating; but after just a bit of bracing and edging instruction he was joyfully trying to surf the up to 4-5 footers in the shallows.
She had apparently left a class frustrated and just wasn't catching on to the idea of how to brace. Together, we took another approach and soon this veterinarian was sculling and bracing with the best of them.
This is what keeps me going and coming back, my passion to teach. And I enjoy nothing more than listening to the student, hearing their needs and finding a way that that particular individual will be able to use to achieve a new level of skill

Paddle safe...

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