Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I was playing in the waves where the bottom shallows up outside Grand Marais, Michigan when I saw her coming. I immediately recognized it as a trawler as I had once owned one.
I chased her into port and observed some excellent seamanship as the master took her around the shallows while watching the many kayaks in the bay and, finally, set a firm hook. Once I knew she had backed down and was well anchored, I paddled over and introduced myself. I was, in the great tradition of the sea, invited aboard.
Skipper Ed Quigley and first mate Susan LaRocco gave me a gracious tour of this well thought out craft, and it brought back lots of fine memories.
They told me of their travels and were, like most voyagers, perfect host and hostess.
Should you cross pass with these fine folks, say hello and tell them I say the same. Home port: Boston

Paddle safe...


DaveO said...

I wondered where that boat came from. It was only there a day and definitely the most interesting craft in the area.

Silbs said...

They are out of Boston and have traveled extensively aboard her.