Monday, August 20, 2007

Fun With J&G
Camping this past weekend with Jennifer and Greg was a delightful experience. It was a little like camping with a four-star chef and a benevolent dictator (she being the former...but I digress).
To begin, we were in Potawatomi State Park (Wisconsin) in lower Door county. This is the area at the edge of where the glaciers reached us. The rock formation seen here is typical of the area (more tomorrow when I have some pics of our paddle). Our camp site backed on this formation giving us a bit more privacy than a lot of the other sites.
The event began with Greg's admonition that, "We do not come here to have fun. We are here to work." This delivered with a hint of a smile. Within minutes, he was dragging sequoias out of the woods and reducing them to tinder with a huge axe. Well organized, I stayed well out of the danger zone as he and Jennifer set up their palatial camp. It took me only moments to get my subsidized housing up and going (seen on far left).
Jennifer prepared all but one of our meals including a wonderful lunch that we took along on our Saturday paddle. The galley was well organized and, like everything else, ran in a smooth, military-like manner. My job was to read, relax, sleep and eat. Jennifer's patent-pending pancakes (PPP) with granola were superb, as was the omlete one morning. Greg did pan fry some wonderful salmon steaks one evening. I love roughing it!

I was so relaxed that I was snugly asleep by 9pm each night and up by 5 each morning. Tomorrow I will post a few shots from Saturday's goings on.

Paddle safe...


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Michael said...

Sounds like the kind of 'rough' camping I could handle. Give me a call next time you head out! ;-)