Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Howard Johnson's
Life On The Yahara

One day I will do a piece on Rutabaga, the place in Madison (WI) where some of us teach. For now I present a pic of the pond which is behind the store and is used a lot for lessons. I will get back to it in a paragraph or two.

When serving in SE Asia (I was living in Thailand...but I digress), I saw many little push carts that served hot food. Known for their ability to also initiate GI (the stomach kind, not the soldier) upset, the Americans called them Howard Johnsons. I don't know why. So what has this to do with Madison and 'Baga?

Well, that little pond goes off (to the right...more or less west) into a small inlet (exlet if leaving) which, in turn, allows passage into the Yahara River. From there one has an endless choice of gunk holes, river branches and lakes available for exploration. I often arrive early for a teaching assignment to allow for a paddle of solitude into the Yahara. When time permits, I take my classes out for their very first "expedition" on the same waters. I did so this past Sunday, and what did I find?

A floating Howard Johnson (I do not imply any GI connection here)! Small power boats were pulling up to this anchored affair which serves up hot food. I guess it brought on a small flash back and this posting. Oh well, where there's a will there's a way.

Paddle safe...



Wendy Killoran said...

Did you place an order from your kayak?

Michael said...

I guess nothing is left sacred anymore, not even our gunkholes!

Silbs said...

Didn't buy anything because 1, my wallet was in the rear hatch and Sam Crawley said never to open it on the water and 2, I didn't want the gunk in my arteries to look like the gunk in the water :)

RoyM said...

better to paddle back and walk to the pancake house....have a crepe of choice MMMMM :)

Best Wishes

Silbs said...

Hey, that's where I ate breakfast (the Original Pancake House) the morning before.

DaveO said...

Looks like I'll be in Madison Saturday, teaching a buddy to roll in Tenney Park (L. Mendota). I love that town. Been awhile since I've launched from the Rutabaga 'gunkhole'.

Silbs said...

Sorry I won't be there. If you do launch behind 'baga, bring salad dressing. There are plenty of veggies floating around there :)