Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fun With J&G...SaturdaySaturday began with a nice sunrise and another wonderful breakfast ala Jennifer. It was then a short drive to the park's north shore where we launched into the Sturgeon Bay channel and paddled into the waters of Green Bay.

It soon clouded over, however, the scenery was just fine in the subdued light.The low water provided enough "shoreline" below the high water mark so that we easily found a place to enjoy the great lunch Chef Jen had prepared and packed for each of us.That evening, just before dinner, the park ranger passed out these warning at all the camp sites.Twenty minutes later, it began raining and hasn't stopped for long since. Yesterday, SW Wisconsin was hit with severe flash flooding. Nature. You gotta' love her.

Paddle safe...



Kristen said...

Aah. That's a mighty powerful Ranger, to have such rain-making skills.

Silbs said...

It is superfolous to add...but, the ranger was a female...thus the power!