Monday, August 27, 2007

I Think This Is Me

At least I woke up in a bed that used to be mine (4 hours later than usual...but I digress). And bags I own are strewn on the floor down stairs where one comes in through the garage. And there is a SOF on the Blazer in the drive way, and there is still some sand on her bottom.

QAJAQ camp was, as usual, excellent and was, as usual, excellently run. Yours truly nailed the static brace, norsaq roll, hand roll, reverse sweep roll and storm roll for the first time. Not bad for a relaxed weekend. This was due, in large, to the excellent instruction and instructors, and I will spend the next few days telling you all about it. I even have some pics (if I can fine the Optio in all the mess).

Right now, I have to put a clothes pin on my nose and go outside and open the doors to the Blazer.

Paddle safe...



Ron said...

Congrats on the new rolls Dick!! I've been working on those all summer!

Michael said...

Yup, you'll be speaking Greenlandic pretty soon, issumavunga!