Friday, August 31, 2007

Roy & Alex

As a small effort to reduce my carbon foot print, I am combining two into one picture.

Roy, on the left, is a can do guy who can explain it to you. He is, to be sure, a talker, but he is also very capable. He was the one who took Lendal fittings and made a two piece (he has a 4-piece in the experimental phase...but I digress) Greenland Stick for Superior Kayaks. In any event, during third the QAJAQ camp, Roy took me out and had me ( at last) static bracing in short order. His patient, and surprisingly quiet, way of teaching is most excellent.

On the right, of course, is Alex (nursing a Sunday morning headache?). I told him that I wanted to learn a Norsaq roll. He said he had 5 minutes free and that I should get my boat. He waded out into waist-deep water and had me do two angel rolls. No problem. Then he took away my stick, handed me the Norsaq, issued a few succinct instructions, and I nailed my first Norsaq roll. So, he took the short stick away, again issued some tips and...BANG...I hit a hand roll. He walked away to his regular scheduled program.

Later, he and Turner conducted a forward finishing class. Alex was able to boil down the chest scull to its essence, and I was immediately doing them with a clean recovery. It took a bit more concentration and practice but, within the hour, I was doing a reverse sweep roll.

Two guys, very different, each an excellent teacher. I am grateful to them as I am to Turner and all the mentors who I watched and from whom I took away all sorts of good info. More tomorrow.

Paddle safe...



RoyM said...

Glad to have been a part of your journey

Thanks for the kind words.

to be a good teacher, one needs good students :)

Best Wishes

JohnB said...

What is Alex wearing?

Nice post, congrats to all!!!

Silbs said...

That's a robe from the Walden Paddlers that Alex won at the silent auction the night before...if he can remember :)

DaveO said...

Gotta get me a rolling kraft. The Aquanaut HV Ore Freighter is not ideal. Had some success with the angel in the VOR's Avocet. Your norsaq and hand rolling succes has made it apparent to me that a SOF rolling boat is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Make sure the VOR does not find out your address!

Silbs said...

I believe Roy has 2 or 3 Avocets. Removed the seats and put in foam ones. He does it all in them.

I see this VOR abbrv. everywhere and must admit I don't know what it means.

Alex said...

Actually that robe was made by Barb Asmussen for me prior to training camp. I love it and she did a wonderful job. :)

RoyM said...

Hi Dick

I have three Anas Acuta's....not Avocet's (I think you were seeing if I was reading your blog)

They work good for teaching/learning

Best Wishes

Silbs said...

You are, of course, correct, Roy.
Thanks for catching that.

DaveO said...

I need a List of Characters on my blog. The VOR is my lady friend, The Voice of Reason. Aptly named as RonO can attest.