Friday, August 17, 2007

Noblese Oblige

It is probably form old England, this expression. From the times of kings and kingdoms. It (probably) translates, The Noble are obligated. In modern terms it means that those that have the ability and the means also have an obligation to use them to help others. It isn't too bad an idea for a civilized society.

The rich man (hopefully) donates to charity. The young and spry assist the older and lame (not necessarily the same person...but I digress). The can-do-people lend a hand to the can't-get-it- going folks. Last and not least on today's list, the capable mentor the students.

It is actually the law of the sea that if someone is in distress when you are out there, you are obligated to lend assistance as long as it not an over whelming danger to you and your vessel (my words, not the bar association's). Again, it is how we take care of one another.

I once wrote a blog entitled: When you teach your son, you teach your son's son. That's what I was talking about. There is an obligation there. We, simply because we are human beings, have an obligation to our kind. At times, this obligation reaches the lofty realm of relieving suffering, lifting the down trodden and standing up against acts of injustice. If called, we will hopefully fulfill our obligations in those situations.

Meanwhile, as paddlers, we can carry proper equipment, improve our rescue skills and just be mindful of those around us on the water. Ours is a noble sport with a long tradition. It behoves us to meet our obligations to one another.

That said, I am off to camp and paddle with Greg and Jen as we head up to the waters of Green Bay.

Paddle safe...



DaveO said...

Well spoken. I'm a great believer in the karma/'what goes around comes around' theory of life. With a little 'Golden Rule' thrown in. And there is nothing more rewarding than an appreciative student.

Silbs said...