Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Morning LightJust before sunrise (as well as just after sunset...but I digress) is when one finds that "liquid light" (ala John Sexton) and subtle color shift (John does black and white...alas) that make for lovely images. This particular one was done last Saturday morning near out camp.

I don't know if it is the light or the solitude that draws me out at that hour. I have become an early riser in my dotage, probably anxious to know that the day has found me on the right side of the grass. In any event, I own the world for a bit during those first few hours. The noise and contentiousness that is so much a part of our world is still asleep and, in the stillness, I can hear myself think. Peace, that's it. Simply peace...and quiet.


Travel day tomorrow as I drive north to Two Rivers and catch the ferry to the Michigan side. This weekend is QAJAQ camp, and I am looking forward to seeing old friends, making new ones and maybe learning a new roll or two. I have begun stretching and doing yoga again, and it has made quite a difference in a short time. I do wonder, however, how many more years I will be able to keep up the pace of this summer's activities.

Meanwhile, we are enjoying thunderstorms here, and the weather is uncertain for the weekend. One day at a time. And, you know what? If it rains...I'm going to let it rain.

Paddle safe...


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