Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Now I Know...Again

I keep forgetting that when I have unexplained sleep problems along with unexplained muscle discomfort that a virus has set up house keeping somewhere in my bod. I remembered this...again...when I woke yesterday with a snoot full of snot and a voice 3 octaves lower than normal. So, I took the day off from paddling and, since it was hot outside, daughter #2 and I took Ansel to the sea (read: Lake Michigan) shore. I was surprised what a joy it was just to wade about in the water sans boat. I guess I shouldn't be too surprised since it is the water that calls to me. Anyway, daughter #2 (getting married in October, hurrah...but I digress) turned the camera on me.
Just got a call: the chicken wants his legs back. I look better in a boat when only the top half shows and that is pretty much covered up :)
Paddle safe...

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