Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dumb & Dumber?
Am I my Brothers' Keeper?
Do I worry Too Much?
The other day, while paddling outside the breakwater, I came upon two husky men in boats like this one. They were clearly recreational boats not made for open water and, after watching them for a bit, it was obvious that they knew nothing about paddling. I did not know if they had any pfd's aboard. I made small talk with them before going on my way. After all, it was a calm day, and they could always swim to the breakwater if worse came to worse...if they could swim. A few days later I came ashore after playing in 3 footers outside the wall, and whom do I see?

The two dare devils were getting ready to launch. I wandered over to them, made a brief introduction and, after some small talk, asked where they had gotten their boats (they were Pelicans). The shorter of the two tensed up and asked me where I'd gotten mine. So, I told him. Then I asked if they knew they were in recreational boats and not sea kayaksthat were not designed to handle the waves presently outside of the wall. Shorty insured me that they did this all the time and that they enjoyed it. In response to another question, they assured me that they had pfd's stored below.Last seen, they were at the gap, and it looked as if they were headed outside. I got in my blazer and left. After all, I was out of toe tags.

Paddle safe...



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Michael said...

I don't carry toe tags either... I ran into 3 similarly equipped paddlers this afternoon as well and, like you, was ready with free advice. I held back. The day was sunny, calm and the water warm. They'll probably make it home alright, but then one guy mentioned wanting to paddle right into November... I'd better get some tags!

RJ said...

Some people require tragedy to learn and sometimes are often lucky enough to learn nothing.

Others learn through the good example of others and are lucky enough to know better.