Friday, September 12, 2008

You've heard that the best way to invest is with opm...other people's money. Well, we photographers, concerned with higher art, invest in good images. Some of us produce an enormous body of work and, after we die, no one knows what we looked like because there are no pictures of us. Well, here is one of me, submitted by Doug. In fact, here's another scenery
shot of his which I think is worth viewing: Nice, yes? Still, the best pics that I receive are the one's of my grandchildren. Like the one my daughter took of my grandson's first haircut:And, most recently, the one daughter #2 sent of my next grandchild:It's good to get OPP, and it doesn't matter whether or not I am in them.

Paddle safe...

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Mine's said...

That's my bean. It has been nicknamed Jeebus. Homer Simpson called Jesus Jeebus and since "it" is due Easter Sunday my friends thought Jeebus was fitting.